Giuliana Ronchi

About Giuliana

She was born in Potenza, Basilicata, a characterful town in the mountains of southern Italy, surrounded by woods, trees and mountain lakes.

  • She graduated in Communication Studies from the prestigious University of Siena, Tuscany.

  • She began work in the advertising industry, in the media as screenwriter, and various other roles. But she remained dissatisfied. Her love for travelling inspired a career change to the field of tourism and services. Soon she discovered the world of the wedding planning, and it was love at first sight. This was Giuliana’s passion, as well as her career.

  • She completed a high-level Masters degree in Communication at the University of Rome.

  • She became qualified as a professional wedding planner and began work as a wedding coordinator for various companies in Italy. Then she moved to Berlin, Germany, where she continued to study and to gain experience in the industry. She worked with her husband to plan their own wedding, and enjoyed the idea of working with him on the same project.

  • Her love of travelling as well as weddings inspires the idea of a project that could involve both of these fields. This was the birth of “The Wedding I Dream”, the first destination wedding company based between Rome and Berlin, devoted to organizing weddings for foreigners throughout Europe. ................................................................................ Giuliana also loves music, animals, her family and friends, and good food. Strengths: Creative, empathetic, well-organized, loves relationships, always relaxed and in a happy communicative mood. Confident in her skills, she believes that honesty makes it easy to enjoy life with a clear conscience. And she wants to feel good with herself. Weaknesses: She loves food too much, especially cakes. Too much. Too too much.

Maurizio La Monaca

About Maurizio

He was born in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Sicily, Italy, in a coastal town almost surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. He has loved photography since he was a teenager.

  • After high school he started to work in the services industry, as an activities coordinator for young tourists in Sicily. At the same time he also worked as a freelance photographer.

  • He spent several years in the Army, participating in peace missions abroad, before coming back to his main passions, photography and services.

  • He spent time experiencing many jobs and exploring his passions. He gains qualifications in photography, works in the field of interior design, creates many little beautiful objects and travels extensively around Europe.

  • He discovered the world of wedding planning during the organization of his own wedding to Giuliana. From that moment, he began to work in that field as a wedding photographer and wedding coordinator, a career in which – due to his unique practical and creative eye - he can involve also his passion for wedding design and decorations.

  • Together with his wife Giuliana, he decided to create “The Wedding I Dream”, combining all his passions. ................................................................................... He also loves travel, animals, the environment, his family and cookery. Strengths: Practical and creative, problem-solver, open-minded. Honest: he believes that doing good things and being a good person always pays off. Weakness: Still working on his foreign language skills (he speaks Italenglish).

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