Why you should get married in a town hall in Italy

Why you should get married in a town hall in Italy

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Because couples have more freedom than ever when it comes to choosing the location of their wedding, the town hall, which was once the go-to option for the civil ceremony, has become more of a last-minute resort. But don’t pack your bags to elope to Las Vegas or on an exotic island just yet, because some town halls are the ideal location for a fairytale wedding. Beautiful Italy, with its breathtaking architecture and timeless appeal, has some of the most stunning historic buildings for you to hold your civil ceremony without breaking the bank. If you haven’t considered a town hall wedding yet, here’s why Italy should be at the top of your list.

Magnificent atmosphere

Few things are as charming and majestic as town halls in Italy. Established in old historic buildings that have been wonderfully preserved, Italian town halls have an awe-inspiring architecture and have become famous tourist attractions in themselves. The Palazzo Publico in Siena, The Palazzo Vecchio in Florence or the town hall in Volterra (which also happens to be the oldest town hall in Italy and the location for Stephenie Meyer’s vampire novels) are all amazing buildings whose history starts as early as the 13th century. Featuring traditional architectural elements and hosting paintings and sculptures of Italy’s most renown artists, they are a fantastic location to tie the knot. You are allowed to wear wedding dresses and wedding suits for the ceremony, so if it’s one location where you can feel like in a Disney movie, this is it. Couples who got married in a town hall in Italy said that they expected a formal wedding ceremony and instead they experienced an artistic, symbolical and religious ceremony that they will never forget.

Stunning wedding photos

Apart from being architectural wonders and historical landmarks, town halls in Italy also offer splendid wedding photo opportunities for newlyweds. Situated in the city center, the town halls in Rome or Venice are surrounded by picturesque squares and other colorful historic buildings where you can have the best wedding photos. Museums, churches and dancing fountains will definitely add a magical touch to your album and you’ll love looking back on those photos. Whether you want to take candid wedding photos surrounded by white doves in front of the town hall or charming portraits under the ornate arches of a nearby church, Italian town halls are all about timeless romance.

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Perfect for small, intimate ceremonies

If your idea of the perfect wedding ceremony doesn’t involve hundreds of guests and you would rather keep things intimate and classy, then a town hall wedding is exactly what you need. On average, town halls only allow a few dozen guests for the ceremony, so just your family and close friends. After the ceremony, which doesn’t last more than 30 minutes, you can open a bottle of prosecco, have a toast and talk to the guests. Afterward, you can take wedding photos and hold the main wedding reception in the evening or even on another day.

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