5 Things You Should Not Wear to a Wedding

5 Things You Should Not Wear to a Wedding

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Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be incredibly difficult, especially with weddings being held across all the different seasons. Spring and summer weddings are often easier to dress for with light fabrics, cheerful colors, sun-kissed skin and strappy sandals. With more and more Autumn and Winter weddings though, it can be more challenging to dress with darker colors in stores, colder weather requiring more layers and blue toes!

Fortunately, online shopping can come to the rescue with tonnes of fabulous ideas and year-round stock, but there are still some staple customs that should be adhered to regardless of which month the wedding is held in. Of course, this is no fashion law you cannot quite be asked to leave a wedding after all! But, to avoid raising eyebrows and sending the whisper mill into overdrive, you might want to take important note of some pieces you should steer clear of when dressing for the big day.

  1. Don’t be a bridesmaid

Unless you are one! Of course, it is very much the tradition in many countries, including the US and UK, that the bridesmaids outfits are chosen by the Bride. So, if you are a bridesmaid, you can expect that your dress will be selected for you, or at least the colors, style and length will be provided to keep you all matching.

If you are not a bridesmaid, it is best to avoid wearing something very similar to what they will be wearing. Admittedly this can be difficult as it is unlikely that you will actually know what they will be wearing, but avoiding the same colors scheme and dress styles that are quite typical of bridesmaids’ dresses is a safe starting bet.

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  1. Only the Bride wears white

We always assumed that this was a given. A rule that every woman knew, But it is still shocking the number of people who wear white to a wedding. This is a big no! There are exceptions in that a white background to a pattern or floral design is acceptable, but block, bold white should be avoided at all costs. Do dress to impress but remember, only the bride wears white.

  1. Black is for funerals

LBDs are quite simply the best for dinner parties, cocktails with the girls and brilliant nights out. However, a wedding is not always the place for black. Once upon a time it was avoided at all costs, just as much as avoiding wearing solid white. Nowadays it is slightly more relaxed but outside of the evening smoke of dinner parties, plain black during the day is usually associated with darker times like funerals. One exception though is that you can get away with a LBD if attending as an evening guest the lights are down and the dancing has begun!

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  1. Dress your best, not your breast

Even if the wedding you are attending is not an overly religious occasion, still maintain a respectful appearance. Whilst showing some skin is fine, revealing a little too much cleavage or thigh can become tacky. It’s a wedding, not a night club. You should be okay, as long as you can’t see up it, down it or through it!

  1. You’re not an animal

Again, save it for the bars and clubs, animal print has no real place at a wedding. Elements and small details of it may be acceptable, for example on shoes or accessories, but a full-blown leopard print dress just does not look right at a wedding. It’s okay to make a fashion statement in your own way, but this is too bold a statement for a wedding. Keep it toned down you’re not an animal after all.

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