Bachelor and Bachelorette party ideas!

Bachelor and Bachelorette party ideas!

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Now, Ladies, how can we forget THE hen party? This traditional, pre-wedding gathering is greatly anticipated by the Bride and her closest friends. Each half of the couple will usually celebrate for one final time before walking down the aisle with their closest friends and family. Commonly referred to as Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties on one side of the Atlantic, and Hen and Stag Parties on the other, this is definitely something not to be missed.

Although, in recent years, these traditional do’s have gained a somewhat unruly and tacky reputation and we are seeing some couples avoiding the idea like the plague. It breaks our heart to think that this fun and exciting festivity could be missed by some couples.

It could be the learner plates putting people off the mini-skirts and fishnets often paraded around London town or the half-naked (sometimes fully naked!) stags wandering aimlessly around the streets of Prague. At The Weddings I Dream we work with you to create the perfect Bachelor or Bachelorette party for you. Something classic something unusual whatever you wish for, we can make it happen.

If a night out on the town is not quite your cup of tea, here are three of our favorite ideas that you and your friends can get involved in with the help of The Wedding I Dream and our wedding planners! Wherever you plan to wed, we can also arrange the hen or stag party in the same location – so if you arrive a few days before and want to take advantage of the gorgeous backdrops and glitz and glamour of the town, why not save some money on travel and have your party there. The Wedding I Dream can help with all the little details and ensure everything goes perfectly.

  • Viva l’ Italia!
    It has become increasingly popular for bachelor and bachelorette parties to now merge into full-blown weekend affairs with hundreds of thousands flocking to cities across the continent to make the most of organised, or un-organised activities. A weekend in UK cities such as London, Brighton and Liverpool can set you back an extortionate amount so it is no wonder parties are opting to flee to the likes of Spain, Holland and Italy for their weekend away.

Indulge in the fine wines of Italy with a stunning vineyard tour and professional wine tasting workshop followed by an intimate dinner with friends. Try pizza or pasta making in the very country that created it. Bathe in the sun, shop the cosmopolitan streets and enjoy the glitz and glamour of Italian cities before relaxing in a gorgeous hotel or spa afterwards.


  • Alice in Wonderland
    Arguable Lewis Carroll’s most famous publication has made quite a comeback in recent years. Traditional British afternoon tea, previously still sold only in the likes of London Hotels or small, boutique tea rooms, have flooded the market popping up in a variety of cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels across the country.

Why not host your own? This can be a much cheaper alternative to eating out if working to a budget where guests bring along homemade (or shop-made) cakes, sandwiches and treats for all to enjoy. Decorate the room with giant playing cards, dig out Granny’s tea cups and saucers, or arrange hire, and play fun games over cocktails in teapots whilst laughing at the top hats and rabbit ears your guests have arrived in. Fun for all ages and you can always add an unusual twist into the day with help from the The Wedding I Dream Team.

  • Gatsby Darling
    Go back to the 20’s, twist in style and sip on delicious cocktails with a Great Gatsby themed pre-wedding party. There is something extremely sophisticated about the associated attire which is also great fun to dress up in.  Have an expert cocktail-making class organised for you and your friends at your home or a venue if wanting to stay at home, why not continue with an exquisite dinner party or canapes for something lighter or if wanting to swing those dresses then head to a fabulous bar to dance the night away.

If a night out on the town is in fact for you, but you’re out of ideas for a fancy dress theme and want something original, The Weddings I Dream have a whole world of ideas to get the excitement back flowing through your veins.  From Downton Abbey to Orange is the New Black, to The Walking Dead, we can ensure you and your friends are looking incredible and have the evening ahead planned to match it.

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