The Magic of a Winter Wedding in Europe

The Magic of a Winter Wedding in Europe

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In Europe venues and supplier charge a premium during summer months as every couple rush to secure dates across June, July and August.  Is a summer wedding all it is cracked up to be though?  Many of Europe’s cities and countryside towns boast gorgeous back drops and stunning venues, however, with the uncertainty of summer weather, it can be difficult to plan for all weather occasions!

Winter Weddings are on the up with couples all over the World opting for the ambience of winter months and cosiness of venues where candle light can really make an impact and the smells and warmth of the season flow through the air, rosying your cheeks and making your guests get lost in your own little haven. Here are our top 5 reasons for preferring those winter months!

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  • The Romance

Evenings drawing in sooner make the room light up over dinner creating a magical feel to your evening. Big fireplaces can fill a venue with warmth and cosy wooden smells whilst guests dance with mulled wine and spices.  Ask any destination wedding planner, celebrations, regardless of their size, feel more intimate when it’s dark outside and the evening romance is undeniably one of the greatest advantages of a winter wedding.

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  • Beautiful Photography

Did you know that sunlight is actually terrible for photographs? Whether at a beach wedding destination or in a city centre like Venice for an Italian wedding destination, beaming sunlight is one of a photographer’s worst nightmares!  The camera captures much better photographs when it is slightly cloudy or not as bright and Winter is just perfect for this. The cool crispness of Winter can provide an incredible setting for photographs and you can really have some fun with snug blankets, umbrellas and English wellington boots to create unusual photos with your friends and family to keep forever. And of course, possibly the ultimate winner…the beauty of a white wedding!

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  • It’s actually cheaper

Whilst summer weddings across Europe at the most popular, the simple concept of supply and demand means that they are the most expensive! Weddings either early in the year or later in the year are traditionally less desired compared to summer months and so venues and suppliers are able to reduce their prices to attract couples to them.  Wedding packages are increasingly common and your wedding planner can advise on what is actually good value for you.

  • Autumnal colours

Choosing your colour scheme for decorations, bridesmaids and groomsmen, flowers, table plans etc. with your wedding planner can be difficult, but the beauty of the final effect makes it all worth it. Pastels are a very on trend for Spring and Summer, however, when draped against white linen or placed around your gorgeous white dress, the colour can get lost. Colder months provide colour schemes and palates that are gorgeously rich; deep reds, earthy oranges and browns, metallic golds and frosted detail looks stunning at this time of year and can make a venue look instantly fabulous and amaze your guests with minimal effort.

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  • My Fair Lady

If you benefit from an olive skin with tones and shades that tan easily and complement under strong sunshine, then a summer wedding is less of a concern. For those of us more delicate flowers with pale skin tones, the danger of awful tan lines, re-burnt skin and flushed cheeks is a very real. Weddings in the later months mean this is not a worry look stunning in your wedding dress and have your guests kept cool and sweat-free whilst protecting fair skin types.

The list is endless really and there are so many places to get married in Europe that will bring true magic to your winter wedding. Just get in touch with us at the Wedding I Dream to find out all the wonderful possibilities available to you!

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