The Romance of Italy

The Romance of Italy

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Deciding on your wedding destination is not easy whether you decide to stay where is home for you or look further afield.  With airlines offering such great value deals on flights, more and more couples are travelling overseas or to different parts of their home country to celebrate their big day.

Choosing a wedding location is something that will of course be very personal to you, however do not forget, your wedding planner is on hand to help guide you in this process, whether it be shortlisting destinations, explaining the local culture and history, or sharing with you stories and anecdotes of those couples who have ventured there before.

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Italy is arguably the most romantic country in Europe and a wedding destination favoured by people travelling from all over the world to soak up the romance and ambience oozed by Italy on a daily basis.  Marrying in Italy is so very popular yet every wedding still feels so unique; no two weddings are truly the same and of course, your wedding planner can help you ensure your day really is unique to you.

So what exactly is it that makes thousands flock to its regions, idolising the beautiful towns as their dream wedding destination?   It could be the language, the culture, the landscapes and architecture that help lure us in, but ultimately, is it the romance of Italy.

The captivating capital, Rome, or ‘Roma’ as natives will correct you, even spells ‘Amor’ backwards; that literally loves right there.  Love and romance seem to run through the very veins of Italians, embodied in their beings with charm, elegance and mystique oozing from their skin.  It is contagious.  You do not need to be Italian to be swept off your feet with the romantic whirlwind swirling every city and breezing over the countryside.

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Italy is a work of fine art and ready to tell each and every couple’s story as you embark on the adventure of choosing the famous boot as your wedding destination. Whether piecing it together yourself or embracing wedding packages designed by venues, your wedding planner is always on hand to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible and to also fill you in on local knowledge, hidden gems of locations and traditional Italian cuisines.

Shakespeare only but drew further attention to the romance of Italy with his world-famous Romeo and Juliet set in Verona; the very essence of enchantment, forbidden love and passion.  We can also not forget that St. Valentine was, of course, a true Italian himself, the divine one that still sends ripples of love through anybody with a romantic bone in their body every February.

The name Valentine itself derives from ‘valens’ to mean strong, powerful and worthy and there is unquestionably something very strong, powerful and worthy about Italy.  The heart of the Roman Empire, the grand buildings and structures, the confidence and passion both men and women ooze, there is something extremely romantic and alluring about a place so passionately strong.  I dare you not to fall in love with Italy!

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