wedding hair and make up

Expert Tips for Your Destination Wedding Hair, Makeup, and Dress Transport

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Now you’ve chosen a location for your destination wedding, booked your honeymoon accommodation, and picked your favourite dessert, it’s time to look at the practicalities of being a bride getting married abroad.

Destination Wedding Hair

Book an appointment with your normal stylist and talk to them about where you’re getting married and what the weather is like. Will you be on a beach or cliff top, which can be quite breezy, or are you getting married somewhere with tropical humidity?

As well as suitable styles, your stylist will be able to advise on the best products to use for certain conditions. Once you have perfected a style ask them to either write down the products used and steps taken, or video the hair trial, so you can either recreate the look yourself or show it to your destination wedding hairstylist.

wedding hair and make up

Destination Wedding Makeup

It is also unlikely trial run with your wedding-day makeup artist. A good makeup artist in the UK will still know what will work in your destination’s climate, and if you have a trial session a month before you leave it will give you time to practice applying your makeup yourself, and buy any of the products you may need.

Professional tips for hot weather makeup are:

  • Use an oil free moisturiser
  • Apply primer
  • Less is more so use tinted moisturiser or BB cream instead of heavy foundation
  • Avoid glitter, heavy cream eyeshadow, and overly dark shades for daytime
  • Use lip and cheek stains instead of powder blush and matte lipstick
  • Carry your lipstick, powder, and blotting papers with you on the day

Transporting Your Wedding Dress

The most secure way to transport your wedding dress is by packing it in a garment bag that will fit in an overhead locker. There are a few specialist companies like Empty Box who provide wedding dress travel boxes which meet airlines’ carry-on luggage size restrictions. Their larger sizes will fit dresses with petticoats, but dresses with particularly voluminous skirts will either need to be checked in as baggage or shipped separately with a courier.

Ask the shop you buy it from to help you pack it and use acid-free tissue paper every time it is folded. Your wedding planner can arrange to have your dressed professionally steamed, or to have a steamer in your hotel room so you can do it yourself. Make sure your dress is covered by your travel insurance.

Wedding Dresses

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