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Vegetarian choices for weddings

  Vegetarian food has come a long way in terms of mainstream acceptance, and it isn’t unusual to see a selection of vegetarian dishes on menus, wherever you go. Having a meat-free menu isn’t unusual anymore and is, in fact, embraced by meat and non-meat eaters alike.  Having an all-vegetarian menu means that you have

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Making your wedding food stand out

Planning the menu for your wedding can be a stressful occasion. Modern wedding trends are changing the way we view tradition, and wedding food is quickly catching up. Food and drink will likely be one of the more costly aspects of your wedding budget, raising the price of your destination wedding cost. So how do

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Culinary Traditions in Europe

Europe is a cultural tapestry rich in traditions and pastimes. Each country provides its own unique spin on various dishes – from British fish & chips, Spanish paella and Italian pizza – and has also created a great deal of dishes that are eaten all over the world. Such a rich and diverse culinary mileage

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