From Bridal Fashion Week: the news for 2019!

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Curious about the wedding dress trends from spring 2019 Bridal Fashion Week?

I usually don’t care that much about fashion and trends when it comes to weddings and wedding dresses. I always suggest my clients to dress just the way they like regardless which color or theme is the top trend at the moment. Because while your wedding pictures last forever, the top trend last not more than a season. But it’s always interesting to see what’s new from the world of wedding stylists, even if it’s only to get inspired!




Glitters glitters glitters!

Metallic embellishments and lots of sparkling elements for dresses perfect for evening nuptials under the stars, this trend is daring but sophisticated. If you choose this kind of dress I suggest to keep your accessories minimal!


Puffy sleeves

Back to the future: puffy bridal sleeves are back in a romantic, gauzy but modern version. For very chic brides with a regal style!




Flowers and blooms

Whether they are oversize, delicate or cascading, or embellished with glitters and sparkling crystals, or even dynamic 3-D blooms, flowers are welcome on traditional as well as modern dresses. For all tastes!


Wedding pants

Jumpsuits and pantsuits are totally on trend, whether if you are foregoing a big ceremony for city hall or just if you are not into dresses. Both for modern and for casual nuptials!




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  • Date 29 Oct 2018 at 03:00pm
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