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5 Things You Should Not Wear to a Wedding

  Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be incredibly difficult, especially with weddings being held across all the different seasons. Spring and summer weddings are often easier to dress for with light fabrics, cheerful colors, sun-kissed skin and strappy sandals. With more and more Autumn and Winter weddings though, it can be more

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Weddings and Medieval Castles

  When you read the fairy tales and watch the Disney movies, getting married in a Castle is pretty standard, right? The Princess marries in the grand Castle with her big gown, the sparkly tiara, and handsome Prince and they all live happily ever after. Whilst you may roll your eyes at the cliche Disney-like

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Making your wedding food stand out

Planning the menu for your wedding can be a stressful occasion. Modern wedding trends are changing the way we view tradition, and wedding food is quickly catching up. Food and drink will likely be one of the more costly aspects of your wedding budget, raising the price of your destination wedding cost. So how do

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Bachelor and Bachelorette party ideas!

Now, Ladies, how can we forget THE hen party? This traditional, pre-wedding gathering is greatly anticipated by the Bride and her closest friends. Each half of the couple will usually celebrate for one final time before walking down the aisle with their closest friends and family. Commonly referred to as Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties on

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Magic of Winter Wedding

The Magic of a Winter Wedding in Europe

In Europe venues and supplier charge a premium during summer months as every couple rush to secure dates across June, July and August.  Is a summer wedding all it is cracked up to be though?  Many of Europe’s cities and countryside towns boast gorgeous back drops and stunning venues, however, with the uncertainty of summer

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The Romance of Italy

Deciding on your wedding destination is not easy whether you decide to stay where is home for you or look further afield.  With airlines offering such great value deals on flights, more and more couples are travelling overseas or to different parts of their home country to celebrate their big day. Choosing a wedding location

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five reasons why you should choose italy

Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Italy to Get Married in Italy

If you are currently considering getting married abroad, then why not look at Italy? here are our top five reasons why you should choose Italy as your destination to get married. A beautiful country filled with picturesque views and delicious food Location Whatever your theme, your wedding planner will help you choose from the multiple

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Culinary Traditions in Europe

Europe is a cultural tapestry rich in traditions and pastimes. Each country provides its own unique spin on various dishes – from British fish & chips, Spanish paella and Italian pizza – and has also created a great deal of dishes that are eaten all over the world. Such a rich and diverse culinary mileage

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wedding hair and make up

Expert Tips for Your Destination Wedding Hair, Makeup, and Dress Transport

Now you’ve chosen a location for your destination wedding, booked your honeymoon accommodation, and picked your favourite dessert, it’s time to look at the practicalities of being a bride getting married abroad. Destination Wedding Hair Book an appointment with your normal stylist and talk to them about where you’re getting married and what the weather

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