A wedding in Cariati

  Who says that autumn is not a good period to celebrate a wedding? Sometimes Italy reserves such a beautiful weather in october, that you could bet summer is not yet finished! Here some pictures from the wedding of Teresa and Louis in the beautiful Cariati, small ancient town on a hill on the sea,

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Elopements packages on Saint Valentine’s Day

  If February is known as the month of love and romance, Valentine’s Day is its special day for lovers. It allures over 6 million couples to announce their endless and committed love with an engagement. And Valentine’s Day is also the best day to get married on. Valentine’s Day infact, carries a great message

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From Bridal Fashion Week: the news for 2019!

    Curious about the wedding dress trends from spring 2019 Bridal Fashion Week? I usually don’t care that much about fashion and trends when it comes to weddings and wedding dresses. I always suggest my clients to dress just the way they like regardless which color or theme is the top trend at the

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Why you should get married in a town hall in Italy

  Because couples have more freedom than ever when it comes to choosing the location of their wedding, the town hall, which was once the go-to option for the civil ceremony, has become more of a last-minute resort. But don’t pack your bags to elope to Las Vegas or on an exotic island just yet,

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Wedding Invitations & Stationery Ideas

Some couples begin planning their big day immediately after the excitement and celebrations of their engagement begin to settle – some do not even wait that long!  Others take a little more time to enjoy their engagement before they begin the wonderful process of planning the wedding of their dreams. It is no secret that

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Vegetarian choices for weddings

  Vegetarian food has come a long way in terms of mainstream acceptance, and it isn’t unusual to see a selection of vegetarian dishes on menus, wherever you go. Having a meat-free menu isn’t unusual anymore and is, in fact, embraced by meat and non-meat eaters alike.  Having an all-vegetarian menu means that you have

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What to ask .. us!

  In our imagination, we have our dream wedding we wish to celebrate one day. The ideas include the wedding destination, theme, colour, photography, accommodations and honeymoon. A good wedding planner will help you realize your dreams without having to tire so much. The Wedding I Dream is your choice of a planner. These are

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A wedding in Potenza!

  Yes, dear brides and grooms, there are small towns in Italy that are almost unknown. One of them is Potenza, that is also the city where I was born and where all my relatives live. So of course as we plan weddings in Italy, we plan weddings in all these little realities that still

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Hair up or hair down? Here our tips!

  If choosing your Wedding dress wasn’t difficult enough, deciding how to wear your hair on your big day is just as big a dilemma. It is a detail often overlooked, to begin with, until you start playing around with ideas and styles when many brides realise just how much weight this small decision can

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