About Giuliana

She was born in a characterful town in the mountains of southern Italy, surrounded by woods, trees and mountain lakes. She graduated in Communication Studies from the prestigious University of Siena, Tuscany, and began work in the advertising industry.

She completed a high-level Masters degree in Communication at the University of Rome, and her love for travelling and for services to people, inspired a career change to the field of tourism and services. Soon she discovered the world of the wedding planning, and it was love at first sight.

This was Giuliana’s passion, as well as her career.

She became qualified as a professional wedding planner and began work as a wedding coordinator for various companies in Italy.

Her gained expertise in the field, inspires the idea of founding “The Wedding I Dream”, the first destination wedding company devoted to organizing weddings for foreigners throughout Europe.

Giuliana also loves music, animals, her family and friends, and good food.

Strengths: Creative, empathetic, well-organized, loves relationships, always relaxed and in a happy communicative mood. Confident in her skills, she believes that honesty makes it easy to enjoy life with a clear conscience. And she wants to feel good with herself.

Weaknesses: She loves food too much, especially cakes. Too much. Too too much.

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