Ethic and Philosophy


  • We keep things personal. To us, our clients ARE SPECIAL and we want to take care of them, dedicating them our time and establishing a good and transparent relationship.
  • We have a strict ethic that makes us want to be good human beings, as well as good professional wedding planners; and we want to feel that we are doing our best to do a good ethical job:

– We try to promote, in our network of caterers, meat from organic farms, in order to protect the health of our clients and the health of cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. We strongly believe that animals should be treated according to their nature during their lives, and not subjected to sorrow and pain. And only organic farms can assure this. In addition, organic meat is far more tasty and nutritious than that from factory farms, and for our weddings, we want to offer only high-quality food. Moreover, it is not much more expensive. SO IT IS REALLY WORTH IT!

– We love animals so much that we cannot accept the idea of people getting married wearing real fur. Please respect our ethic, and understand that the best day of your life shouldn’t mean the worst day for another living being, animals that are killed daily for us. There is no need to wear real fur. Faux fur is more fashionable, affordable … and beautiful!

  • We really LOVE our job. It is the one we have chosen above all others, and it is a passion as well as a job. And we’re not the kind of people willing to do anything to make or to save money. That’s why 8% of our monthly profit is donated to humanitarian causes. But this never changes the fee that we charge our customers. This 8% is always deducted only from OUR profit and you are not charged in any way. We want to make this clear on our website so you know that if you choose to hire us, it is worth it for this reason too.  🙂
  • Posted By giuliana
  • Date 7 Jun 2013 at 11:17am